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How much will it cost?

Prices are printed below each menu and are based on group size. Groups of 40-99 guests have a flat fee for the first 40 guests, and a per person price over 40 guests. Groups of 100 guests or more are priced per person. Please call if you have special budget needs.

What is the minimum for full service Catering?

Full catering is available for a minimum of 40 guests. See prices listed below menus.

What is the minimum for Delivery and Pick Up?

Delivery and Pick Up menus are available for a minimum of 50 guests. (See Prices Here.)

How large a group can you handle?

We can cater up to 10,000 guests.

Are there any other fees?

A 25%-40% equipment and labor charge is added for Full Service Catering (varies on venue). Also, Sales Tax is required by the State of California to be added to the entire total.

What does the Equipment and Labor Charge include?

It includes everything needed to cater your full service event: Buffet Tables, Buffet Linens in your choice of colors, Disposable Plates, Plasticware, Napkins, Chaffing Stands, Baskets, Buffet Decorations to fit your theme, Catering Vehicles, Canopies to cover serving area if needed, Uniformed Staff, Set up, Buffet Service, Carvers, Bussing of Tables, Clean up, even Trash Removal! (upgrades such as China Service, Guest Tables and Chairs, other event services are available : see Place Settings and Services)

When do I need to finalize the details of my event?

Minimum guest count, menu selections, linen colors, rental items are due 10 days before the event. You may increase the guest count up to 24 hours before the event date.

What payments do you accept?

We accept Credit Cards, Debit Cards, ACH, Personal Checks, Business Checks, and Cash.

If paying with a Credit Card you will be charged the payment amount plus a 3% credit card fee by the credit card merchant. There is no fee for debit cards, ACH, personal checks, or cash. Balance must be paid 10 days before the event date. If paying with check, must clear 10 days before event.

How do I make an online payment?

There are two ways to access our secure online payment portal. You can click the ‘Click to Pay’ link from our email signature or directly from our website you can find the ‘make a payment’ page from our contact us section.

From the ‘Make a Payment’ page click the green ‘Pay Now’ button. This will direct you to our secure third party payment provider, Fluid Pay. Please include your invoice number, name, billing information, email and phone number. You have the option to use a credit card or debit card in the ‘card’ section or enter your bank account information for a direct ACH payment.

Once the payment is complete you will receive an emailed receipt for your records. Our sales team will apply the payment and email an updated invoice to you.

What is your cancellation policy?

30+ Days Prior to Date of Event:
      Samples are Non-refundable, Plus $500 processing fee.

Plus: Any other real charges incurred by Bekker's Catering on behalf of client (i.e. Samples Fees, Pre Paid Rentals, Entertainment, Staffing, etc.) are non-refundable.

8-29 Days Prior to Date of Event:
      50% Refund of contracted total - Minimum $500.00)

7 Days Prior to Date of Event:
      Contracted total is Non-refundable.

What type of events do you cater?

We can do any type of event! We are the best Company Picnic People, we do Office Luncheons of any size, and we are Wedding Experts - backyard and Outdoor Weddings are our specialty. Country Style Ranch Events at any location, Memorial or Funeral Services, Birthday Festivities, Cocktail Parties, Theme Parties such as 40's, 50's, 60's, Aloha Hawaiian Luaus, Western BBQ's - the best - Bar None! We can treat you to a Delicious German Oktoberfest, Cupid's Valentine Catering, Irish Pub Theme St. Patrick's Day Party, Christmas or Hanukkah Holiday Party, and Affordable Events of any style. We specialize in Elegant Buffets with Gourmet Rotisserie meats smoked in our custom BBQ Pit Smoker. Be sure to check out our New California Cuisine Special menus for your next Anniversary Party or Graduation or Retirement! Military or Veterans groups will enjoy our buffets for promotions and retirements. Having a Football Party? How about a Baseball Game - at Petco Park or in front of your TV? We can cater full service Tailgate parties for hundreds or thousands, or deliver to your home for your friends and family!

How far will you Travel?

Almost anywhere! All of San Diego County is our local area. Riverside County, Orange County, Los Angeles, Mountain Areas and Desert Areas are available for larger groups. (Distance charges may apply for more than 30 minutes from San Diego, or for difficult access, such as flights of stairs, or 'inaccessible loading' areas.) Please call for quote if distance or access is an issue.

Where can you cater?

We can cater at any location that allows caterers. This includes public or private locations, parks, beaches, recreation centers, churches, etc.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, we are fully licensed by the San Diego County Dept. of Health, and we hold business licenses in all local San Diego area cities, such as San Diego, La Mesa, Del Mar, Vista, Santee, El Cajon and Coronado. We are fully insured and can provide additional insured statements as needed. Copies of all permits are available at client's request.

Do you have references?

Yes, we have many returning clients that have been with us for over 50 years! Please see Testimonials, or call for phone numbers or email addresses.

What are your portion sizes?

Ample portions are our trademark. Guests are welcome to have as much as they like - while on premises and during serving time. (We do not allow guests to pack food to take home unless prior arrangements are made.)

What about the leftovers?

If the actual guest count is below the guaranteed count, we will pack food for the hosts to cover missing guests (if safe storage is available). If the actual guest count is correct, we will determine at the end of event if there is food available to leave with the client, and we bring containers to do so.

What if I have extra guests?

We plan to bring at least 10% over your guaranteed count. If the actual count of guests is over your guarantee, the same per person charge will apply.

When do you need to know the number of guests?

Our plans are always made based on your best estimate of the number at the time of booking. The actual minimum guarantee is due 10 days before the event. Additional guests may be added up to 24 hours before the event.

How about kids prices?

Children ages 3-10 are given 10% discount. Children under 3 are free. Ages 11 and up are counted as adults. Detailed breakdown is only needed at time of final count, 10 days before event.

What about Vendor Meals?

Vendor meals are discounted by 10%.

Do you grill on site?

Yes! We have large charcoal grills that may be set up at any appropriate site. A $175 Grill charge covers grill and supplies, extra time and extra staff for onsite grilling. The aromas will drive you wild!

How are the meats cooked and served?

We are famous for our tender BBQ meats! We have an authentic BBQ Pit Smoker where most of our Beef, Chicken, Pork and Ribs are smoked. Those meats are slow, rotisserie smoked over oak logs for up to 14 hours. You might notice a special pink tint to the smoked meats which is only achieved by cooking in this true Texas BBQ style. We also have marinated, oven roasted meats that are just as delicious! We bring the Roast Beef, Tri Tip, or Prime Rib fresh from our pit to carve on site for your guests. Chicken and Ribs may be brought hot and served to your guests from chaffing stands; or brought smoked from our pit, then grilled on our custom Charbroilers at your site to fill your senses with aromas and tastes you will not forget.

Why is the meat pink?

All of our BBQued meats, such as beef, chicken, ribs and pork, are smoked to perfection in our aged brick pit. The smoke causes a chemical reaction in the meat, causing a slight pink coloring. Our meats are all smoked for hours and are fully cooked...and delicious!

Can I substitute items or change the menus?

Yes! All of our menus are suggested popular combinations, but only a place to start. We are very flexible and can vary menus to suit your needs. Any combinations are possible - just ask!

Are there vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and allergen free options?

Yes, we have many options for vegetarians, vegans or those with food sensitivities. Please let us know how many guests require an alternative option, and we will include it at no charge. All items on website are labeled with V-Vegan, Veg-Vegetarian and GF-Gluten Free. Please for questions on additional dietary restrictions.

Is gratuity included?

Yes, standard suggested 15% gratuity is included.

How many servers will come?

It varies based on your group size, menu choices, location, services needed, etc. It ranges from 2-20 staff members, although average is 3-4.

How long is serving time?

Included in the price are 1 to 1 1/2 hours depending on the size of the group and the services provided. Additional time may be added at approximately $150 per hour depending on staff required.

How long does it take at the buffet?

We set up double sided buffets and serve very quickly - usually 15 minutes or less for most groups.

Can you serve outdoors?

Yes, indoors or outdoors! We have the proper equipment to handle any event!

How long does it take to set up? And clean up?

Depending on the complexity of the event, menu and additional services, we usually plan 1-2 hours for set up and 1/2-1 hour for clean up. Set up and breakdown for buffet are included in the full service labor charge above. Any additional services purchased (such as China Service, Champagne Service, Cake Cutting, etc.) include the additional required time in the per person price for each service.

Are beverages available?

Yes, beverages and bartenders are available : see Beverages Menu

Are desserts available?

Yes, many desserts are available. We bake homemade Cupcakes, Cobblers, Pies, Cheesecakes, and much more! See Desserts Menu

Can I just pick up the food?

Most menus are also available for Pick up or Delivery, packaged for easy client self service - minimum of 50 guests. See Delivery page for details.

Can you arrange rentals?

Yes, we can arrange tables, chairs, linens, etc. See Rentals

Can you arrange DJs? Entertainment? Clowns? Games? Jumps?

Yes, we can arrange all of your requests with professional entertainers of every type. See Entertainment Ideas

Are samples of food available?

Yes - we would love to have you taste our delicious food! Please call for an appointment to come in to our office for mouthwatering samples. We can plan your entire event while you dine! (Minimal charges may apply)

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, 50% deposit is requested at least 2 months before your event. For last minute bookings, we will work out an arrangement to suit the situation. The balance and minimum guest count are due 10 days before your event. Increases may be made up to 24 hours before the event.

How far ahead do I need to book the event?

As soon as you know - let us know! Planning ahead is great, but we will always accommodate your last minute needs to the best of our ability!

How can I book my event?

We can discuss details over the phone, in person at our office, or via email - whichever is easiest for you!

More Questions???

Please call or email us! Catering Office : 619-287-9027.

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